COOOEE : A long, loud call used to attract attention when at a distance, mainly done in the Australian bush
OZ : Australia!

17 July 2011

Atherton Tableland

The There & Back Again Tour to FNQ

This is just a quick update on our location. We haven’t even downloaded any photos yet! It is not that we are “photoed” out ... I think it is just that the Daintree rainforest is sooooo visually stunning that we need to take a deep breath and change our focus (unintentional camera pun!).
This area is very interesting. We are a little over an hour from Cairns and not much more to the Daintree but we are now inland.
It is a fertile area with volcanic soil and an interesting mix of crops .... from tropical (bananas, mangoes, pineapples) to cool climate (citrus) with potatoes, peanuts, zucchini, etc etc. And coffee. And tea. And dairy. And barra fishing.
Boutique produce shopping abounds (Coffee World - “Disneyland for coffee lovers”) with artisan cheese, or ice cream, or roasted peanuts, or tropical wines and spirits.
As well as the varied produce there is a great variety of scenery .... so I will have to start taking pics again to show it.
Was a bit gobsmacked by this statue in Milla Milla. It is part of a series around the area on the “pioneering spirit”. It is actually a man pushing his cow out of a bog but it looked more like something from “All Creatures Great And Small” with his arm disappearing inside the cow. It is all in the angle of viewing .... but the picture shows how it looks as you approach it down the main street. Charming!
The area was used for basic training of the Australian forces in WW2. Dad was in camp near here before being shipped out to New Guinea. It would be his birthday tomorrow so we are going in search of the memorial to the First Aus Corp. There were also bases for the US Air Force and Army so there are many memorials and museums in the small towns.
So ... artisan farming, fishing, wineries, distilleries, history, scenery, .... hmmmm, this could be our Triffid Refuge

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