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01 November 2012

North Conway NH to Woodstock VT

Breakfast before we left North Conway was at Peaches.  The less said the better … very meagre servings (though maybe that was a good thing given the quality of the ham and the overcooked eggs) and poor service (there were only 2 tables to look after but they were busy doing their books) … it think it wins most disappointing breakfast of the trip. 

We had the Kancamagus allllll to ourselves!  (well, maybe we saw about a dozen other cars along the way … but no moose).  It was easy to see that we had missed something spectacular with Fall colour… and hard not to say “I wish …. “ but it was still beautiful.  And I guess without all those showy leaves in the way, we got to notice the little streams, the rocky outcrops, the rolling vistas ….

Our shortened stay in North Conway meant that we didn’t have our free day of sightseeing, the day we had planned to leisurely do the Kanc etc. This meant that we needed to change our exit route to via the Kancamagus, then 112 and 302 to Route 100. 

One of my Internet references was “US scenic Byways” and its suggested route south is via 5 & 10 on the Connecticut River Byway.  Have no idea what we missed, but TA advice put Route 100 firmly in our plans. It was everything we wanted. 

We loved Vermont … different to, but as beautiful as, the Maine coast.  Route 100 was an easy, varied and scenic drive.  Woodstock was a beautiful township – everything from a town green to a covered bridge.  If you look up “picturesque” in a dictionary, don’t be surprised to find a picture of Woodstock accompanying the definition!  We also did a short scenic detour to Quechee State Park.

We stayed in Woodstock at the Braeside Motel.  Not a fond memory.  The room had an abiding cloying smell of deodoriser (the makings of a headache for me! but at least the windows opened for fresh air) and the bathroom was in need of a makeover (why, oh why, do they have those low kiddy height toilets???).  Nice bed, quiet location.

Obviously we would choose somewhere else for breakfast.

And we would choose Fall Fall Fall … we would love to be there for peak colour!!!

One thing I would love to change about quite a few of the scenic routes we took would be to put in a few pullovers.  There were times we would have loved to stop for photos, or even do a u-turn to go back and check something out and there was nowhere suitable for manoeuvring.

We would have preferred to stick to the original plan : North Conway to Littleton via 302, on to Stowe via 15 then down Route 100.  But then we would have missed the Kanc.  And only being allowed one designated driver, heading north on I-93 from Lincoln to Littleton to match into this planned route would have made it a long day’s drive for one.

Oh … and I would change not seeing a moose … I looked hard, but never spotted one!

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