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07 November 2012

Newport RI

The original plan had been to do the Mystic Seaport in the morning and then head to Newport but we had ticked that box the previous day.  And that was a good thing as the weather had turned cold and wet (a nor’easter called Athena was starting to make an impression).  We braved the sharp winds and did a (very) short stroll in Mystic, then jumped in the car and headed for Newport.  We travelled via 1 and 1A taking as many little coastal detours as possible, but still arrived in Newport way before check-in time.

We arrived and asked about upgrading and getting an early check in. The desk clerk was very accommodating (though the computer info let him down, telling him that the room was ready, when it wasn’t).  We left our luggage and headed out to explore Newport. 

For “cons” (limited choices with closed for the season, not the same autumn glory) there come “pros” (driving around was a breeze and parking meters didn’t need feeding in November).  I loved the shopping precincts in Newport.  We did the Ocean Drive multiple times.  And the Mansions …. Sigh … Just. Loved. Them.
We did The Breakers + One (Rosecliff).

The plan had been to use one of our “Newport” days to do a scenic drive - to Yarmouth or New Bedford or Plymouth or Providence, or all of the above!! – but Athena had brought strong wind with cold rain, so we decided on skipping that.  (Plus it was Election Day and it was hard to tear DH away from the TV – he has dual US & Aussie citizenship.)

And we couldn’t have wanted a better room to spend the day in!  We had a King Suite on the top floor.  Big room, very comfortable bed, and great views.

Sadly Flo’s Clam Shack was – you guessed it – closed for the season, but we enjoyed dinner at the hotel’s Ocean Bar & Grill, had great breakfasts at The Atlantic Grille and the Corner Cafe, and a very forgettable lunch at The Atlantic Beach Club.

The Breakers + One!!!  No way!!! Not enough!!!! I (maybe not DH) want more!!!
We didn’t do the Cliff Walk – it was a little too physically challenging for DH, the weather made it climatically challenging and it was partially closed due to damage from Sandy – so that has to go on my list of “next time”.

Maybe we should have split the time – instead of Mystic : 1 night, Newport : 2 nights, I think 2 + 2 might have worked better (but then, that is only because the weather stopped our plans in Newport).

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