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OZ : Australia!

19 May 2012

Phuket, Thailand

We met up with Mary and Doug at the Centara Grand Beach Resort at Karon Beach, Phuket.  A Five Star Resort holiday is not our usual thing ... our holidays usually involve the local culture, local food and local sightseeing.  This was more a by-the-pool and shopping focused holiday.

The Centara Grand was a pink palace by the beach, spread out, glamorous and well equipped with swimming areas.  We had booked a Deluxe Pool Suite so we had our own infinity plunge pool.  There was also an Adults Only Pool and a big meandering family pool area with a "slow river".  In front of the hotel was Karon Beach but during our visit it wasn't swimable because of the rough seas (and raw effluent being released).  The resort had two restaurants, Cove (for breakfast buffet and theme night dinners and al la carte ... hit and miss) and Mare (Italian ... blerk).  Our upgrade included access to the Club facilities (afternoon teas, cocktails, etc) but unfortunately this was up two steep flights of stairs making it inaccessible for Alphie (not impressed).

We ate out with Mary and Doug at ??? (Japanese) at Jungceylon, at 9th Floor (Continental for Mary's birthday, at Savoey (Seafood in Patong and at Two Chef's in Karon (International  We had facials and shopped at Jungceylong (, a combination shopping complex with a department store, specialty stores, market stalls, restaurants and fast food ... and an Irish Pub.  We bought some great clothes and souvenirs at a small shop with no bargaining hassles at Cape Promthep.

We flew AirAsia, a cut price airline ... though when you start adding on the extras (like food and like luggage) it all adds up.  On the way home, thankfully, I got a serious case of food poisoning ... either from our layover at Kuala Lumpar or the meal on the plane ... a not recommended way of losing holiday weight!!!

We loved the Thai people.  The ones we encountered were as beautiful on the inside as they were on the outside.  They were gracious, welcoming and spiritual.  Our waitress at breakfast, Aud, was sweet and thoughtful.  But we fell in love with Yui, who cried when we left, who befriended us, who epitomised the Thai people for us.

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