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06 June 2011

Brunswick Heads #2

The There & Back Again Tour to FNQ
“And so to sleep ... our first night in the caravan.”
HA! Is that what I said!!!
This caravan park is in a great location ... right beside the Brunswick River ... but also right beside the bridge over the Brunswick River. Trucks roared through the night.
The amenities block was excellent ... great ... because that is what we had a close up view of from our van site. The neighbouring van was a metre away from our awning. Privacy? A thing of the past. I know that “claustrophobia” is not the right phobia but it is on the right track ... there we were “on the wallaby” and I felt totally hemmed in.
No plug for the sink ... thanks Watson’s Caravans.
No gas in the gas bottle ... thanks Watson’s Caravans.
Power cord won’t plug into socket ... thanks Watson’s Caravan.
Awning arms jump out of track ... thanks Watson’s Caravans.
Cupboard locks that don’t work ... thanks Watson’s Caravans.
If you are getting an impression that I was/am not a “happy camper” ... you are right.
It was/is totally doing my head in.
As someone who is chronically smiling, I was/am the opposite end of the spectrum.
I have been told by other caravanners that it WILL get better.
So here’s a reason to keep your eye on this blog ...
It was not all negative at Brunswick Heads ...
  • awesome tuna from the co-op;
  • a great bicycle track from the campgrounds to the town;
  • Alphie had a kayak ... but didn’t get to fish;
  • beautiful old pub;
  • happy dog;
  • but, most especially, the wonderful kindness of strangers who helped us, advised us and told us “It WILL get better!”

PS ... Alphie needs to write his own comments ... he has his hopes up is a believer.

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